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Alfred Workflow for fast academic citing and publishing


While scrolling Obsidian’s discord server I’ve run across interesting Alfred Workflow which
“enables academic citing and publishing with any markdown app, e.g. iA Writer,
Ulysses, Obsidian, or Scrivener. It does so by offering a Citation Picker for Pandoc Markdown
Citations and by automatically converting Markdown files into .dox , .pdf , .html , or
.pptx with the proper bibliography. (…) this workflow is basically a user-friendly interface for Pandoc, allowing you to make use of Pandoc’s capabilities without needing to open the Terminal.”

Good for people who want to cite sources in a quick and easy way. Of course, there are more sophisticated methods to do it (e.g. @Bernard-0 and @satikusala have written quite exhaustively about using pandoc engine directly in TBX ), but this one seems to me a little bit easier to set.

Link: GitHub - chrisgrieser/pandoc_alfred: Pandoc-Suite for Academic Writing in Markdown

This is VERY nice, I’ll add it to the library of resources.

I do, however, see a drawback with this process in the context of using it with Tinderbox if this is used as-is. You would use this process once you exported your file out of TBX as markdown. It will work perfectly. However, it will not help you insert, process, or preview your citation in Tinderbox while you’re doing your writing. For me, this will be detrimental to my workflow, but that could just be me.

Now, with the one slight critique above, I’m VERY confident that this process could be adapted to work directly in Tinderbox as the Alfred interface in this context is essentially an externalized Tinderbox stamp. It would take some tinkering but assuredly doable.

Great find, I’ll look forward to deconstructing this.

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Take a look at another workflow made by the same author: PDF Annotation Extractor. It allows extracting annotations with correct page numbering and merging highlights that span two pages! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work in Highlights app, but well…sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it.

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