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Alfred Workflow for Tinderbox - a first draft

I had not enabled Chrome’s Java developer support. On this point. I do have a question. What are the security risks for “Allowing JavaScript form Apple Events.” Would one ever now if this got triggered by another event? I wonder if there is a away to only allow this for the Tinderbox script and nothing else. Or, if Keyboard Maestro cold be used to turn this on when the script needed to be executed and turned off when it was done. I’m not exactly sure how this would work. I just know that I feel uneasy by leaving it open.

Safari toggle Dev Tools.kmmacros.zip (1.3 KB)

Perhaps this could work? You only have to assign a hot key or choose a different trigger. Then Safari should come up as the front application and the menu item is chosen. You only have to enter your password every time (or double click your apple watch, if you have) you switch the dev mode on. With the watch, it’s kind of convenient…

(of course, if English is not the language of your OS, you have to change the menu names accordingly)

Thanks. This works great for Safari, after I enabled the Developer mode in preferences. For some reason, however, it does not appear to work for Chrome (Yes! I updated the macro to open chrome and the correct menu path). I believe chrome might have disabled, for security reasons, the ability to trigger this menu from a script.