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Alias vs a reference to another note?

I use an alias quite a bit in my documents to be able to reuse content within my document. My question a slightly different use case. I will try to explain.

Let’s say I have 20 notes as part of map. I want to point to the note or container to take me back to this note. I do not want a copy or another note. Instead I just want to point back to this note.

Is there an attribute or a “reference alias” (making this up) I can use a pointer.

Tom, I don’t understand. Can you provide a screen shot? Are you looking to build some type of map navigation in your note?

Thanks for the call Michael. You are right, what I am really looking to do is to create a link to other files or mini navigation system like a table of contents that I can quickly reference. As you suggested, one option would be to use Ziplinks. Good thought.


Ya, you could do something like this. I suspect that there is a way to use action code to build a set of links from the children of the presentation and articles subfolders, but I don’t have time to figure that out right now. The limitation of this is that your TOC would be rigid to the file architecture, whereas the ziplink method is manually built by typing g [[ picking the note that matches and then closing the ziplink method by typing ]].

TBX L - Simple File TOC.tbx (93.2 KB)