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Am I in the right place?

I have been a long time DEVONthink user, relying on it to capture websites, store activities, PDFs, etc - just a “lookup” tool for my work in information technology and other areas. Now I am now looking for a tool to assist me in creating “output” - relying on the data I have amassed over the last 15 years in DEVONthink. Would Tinderbox be a good tool for this? Any suggestions or thoughts?

Welcome @dsh1705!

You could very well be in the right place. Can you explain a little about the “output” that you are thinking of creating? It’s always very helpful for the dialog here to start with something concrete, a use case or project that’s been on your mind or you are already working through.

Some of the Using Tinderbox examples that Eastgate offers might spark your thinking.

Also – do you have a Tinderbox trial or license?

Thanks for the reply. I did not intend to be cryptic about my intentions or use case, just not quite sure if will go anywhere beyond capturing thoughts and ideas on subjects I have been immersed in for years.

After I posted this I thought maybe I should approach this by searching on the DEVONthink forum (duh), and found a very helpful post about Tinderbox (sorry, I can’t post a link).

I will fire up the trial and see where it takes me!