Am requesting an update on the most recent best backup practices

Am requesting an update on the most recent backup strategies. I am running Big Sur 11.7.6 on 2017 MacBook pro. My practice is relatively unsophisticated. When I make changes to a file, I duplicate it and save the dated duplicate named “copy” at the end of the day. That file goes to Dropbox. I am also running Time Machine. Are there slick software solutions?

Yes, I use Arq, It is a cloud backup of my entire mac and individual directories. Saved my butt yesterday, I royally messed up a file (my fault) and was able to recover in last the 5 minutes and only lost about 20 min of work. It is simply AWESOME!!!

I have a large external hard drive which has two partitions on it. One partition is for my Time Machine backups, and the other is used by Carbon Copy Cloner, which makes a backup at 9pm every day. Time Machine is running all the time. In addition to those, I have a subscription to Backblaze.

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Thank you.

I start with the “3-2-1 rule”, then exceed it:

  • Maintain three copies of your data, the original and two backups
  • Have two copies on-site, the original and a backup drive
  • Have one copy offsite.
  1. My original data are on my Mac.
  2. I have a set of Samsung T5s attached by a hub to my Mac, which Carbon Copy Cloner automatically update with my photos (one T5) and Document folder (second T5) whenever the Mac is attached to the Hub.
  3. The photos and Documents are also backed up to a Synology NAS device daily.
  4. The user data on the Mac is backed up to Backblaze continually.
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