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An agent that makes a list of notes visited, in the order they were visited?

Whenever I am writing or working with notes, I’ve found it useful to be able to access a “history” of my wanderings through recent notes. Some apps explicitly offer a “History” command. Others offer the function in other ways (in Scrivener, for instance, in the main writing pane there are arrows next to the name of the file. Clicking on an arrow lets me see all notes I was in before the current one (and the other arrow shows notes I was in after it, if I have gone backwards in the sequence).

I can’t find the equivalent feature in Tinderbox. All I can do is Command-’ to jump back one note from my current location. This isn’t the same as being able to see the whole past and select one note from the list. And of course if I have jumped back 3-4 notes, I can’t then jump back to my starting point because there isn’t a forward equivalent to Command-’

Well, no worries. There must be a way to create a history using Tinderbox’s powerful agents, right? I just can’t figure out how to do it.

I’d like an agent that supplies a list of all notes I have visited, in order. Ideally, each item would be an alias of the note, so that I could click on it to return to its original.

Anyone have thoughts on how I could create this? I definitely need your collective wisdom and guidance on this one.


In my notebooks, I use to see my notes using two Tinderbox features : the Timeline View and the Attribute Browser. If you add to your notes some specific attributes, you could easily see the notes you created yesterday or two months ago, as you can see on the screenshots below:

Tinderbox 5 (which was built on a different technology base) had a History view, which was useful – though in a complex document with a lot of activity it became somewhat confusing to follow.

In Tinderbox 7 you might not need an agent. Open an Attribute Browser tab, focus the modified or created attribute, and sort your notes. This approach is rudimentary – you can get more sophisticated.

A agent can get you to the same destination – what matters is what your clock is? Are you tracking modifications? Or are you tracking views? Or something else?

(I see that @dominiquerenauld posted simultaneously with me – with similar ideas.)

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Thanks Paul, and @dominiquerenauld, for the solution. Attribute Browser focused on ‘Modified’ does nicely. It will not capture notes that I visit and don’t modify, I suppose, but generally roaming back and forth across notes the ones I want are those that have in some way been altered.

So as usual with Tinderbox, the answer to my dilemma comes from thinking in a different way from the one I assumed was the only possible approach.

Again, thanks to you both!


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$Modified is only tracking changes to $Text.

Sometimes you need to give AB a kick – force a re-sort – to get it to update the values displayed.

I would make regular use of a “history of selected Notes” list walkable in each direction. Since it does not currently exist, I would like to add my voice to it being a requested feature.

Exactly :blush: .

Storyspace has a History popover. My impression over the years is that it’s been unloved and seldom visited…

Just a quibble…I didn’t put it in as a feature request because I figured there was some way to create just the function I wanted via Tinderbox’s many tools. The Attribute Browser approach suggested above will meet my needs. I think you’re talking about something a little different but I suspect there’s a way to set it up.