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Another "Bay Area" virtual meetup?

I see we had a meetup about six months ago; if there’s interest in having one again, we can have it be a more broad “Pacific Time” meetup (since in these times everything is “virtual” !) over Zoom/Meet, etc.

Always interested in anyone sharing workflows they have, so I can learn from them :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to join in.

I’d also be interested to join please.

I like the idea as well.

I am interested in joining too.

Cool, why don’t we pick some date/time? End of June? Mid-July? End-July?

Also interested.

I’m interested

Okay, maybe a poll can help us narrow down the best time?

  • End of June
  • Mid July
  • End of July

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Pick one!

(as far as I can tell, it should be possible to change your choices whenever, see results etc)

(I originally picked end of July, but changed end of June when I saw others wanting that date. I would need a meet up after 6/25.)

Cool, I guess we should decide what “end of June” means then.

Do folks like the weekend, or Fridays, or sometime mid-week ?

Well, just to have a placeholder, let’s say Jun 27th (a Saturday).

Given that it’s a virtual meetup after all, no need to be specific to Bay Area, we can pick a PST time that would accommodate a convenient EST time (and map to a late-but-not-too-late in Europe too) – how about 9 am ?

Saturday, June 27: 9am PDT/noon EDT/1800 CEST if I’m not mistaken?

Yes, that’s the proposed time.

As for the tool of choice, I know Zoom is the default choice, but it does have a 40-minute limit AFAIK, should we use Meet instead?

(If yes, I scheduled a 1-hour Meet session for that time: https://meet.google.com/ydb-oggv-zbw)

Sorry all, we observe sabbath on Saturdays and can’t attend. Look forward to the next!

How do people feel about Sunday?

Sunday the 28th will work for me.

I’ll let others decide a time, but as it’s virtual, I’d be happy to ‘attend’ if the timing suits (I’m in UK—but don’t time it for me, I’ll wait and see).

Sure, let’s do Sunday – same time?

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Alright then, just to confirm, we’re meeting at:

Date: Sunday, June 28

Time: 9am PDT/12pm EDT/6pm CEST

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