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Any suggestion how to work with Numbering, bulleted lists or scale of importance?

Hi TBX’ers,

I’m pondering the following:
Wetting my feet a little more, ideas start racing and searching for fullfilment…
On page 16 of Getting Started.pdf, Talking about Hierarchy…

  • I realise that notes are ordered by creation time/date, eldest being the 1st.
  • Also, in Outline view, we can hoist, move up / down etc, hereby changing the outline order

How to best go about when I want to reflect or create the order of e.g. a book, with its, parts, chapters, paragraphs etc hierarchy?
Is there any way to add or auto-add (agent?) some way of multi level numbering?

What I’m thinking of too, is that if you want to create hierarchy, you need to use containers, at multiple levels to create the hierarchy.
But how then, to keep all visible and maniable in a map view???

This leads me to a minor 2nd question:
I_s there any way or keyb shortcut to ‘centre’ or focus a ‘container’ around its notes?_
Often I create a container, add a note, then one level up, you can’t see the note or notes inside the container…

And 3rd:
Is there any way to link text to a note?
Look at the image attached. I have dragged the ToC of ‘Getting Started’ into a note. I then create notes about all the individual items. It would be swell if I could connect a note to its ToC counterpart…
This could, the other way round also be a usable way to determine the hierarchical numbering of an item…

Q1. This is an old chestnut. Maps show the contents of a single container so they can’t show the outline. A container item on a map can show (some of) its child map via the container’s viewport.

Q2. There’s no shortcut but see this article.

Q3. Yes. A section of a note’s text can be linked to another note. These are termed text links in Tinderbox.

Hi Mark,

This looks extremely interesting;
Would you mind elaborating a bit? Possibly an example of some kind?

I’ve tried reading aTbRef, but don’t quite catch how to go about ‘making’ a Text Link.
Can you have many, in as many as you want, text links in a single note?

What I’ve tried is to add the Text attribute to a note;
This yielded the note title in the Text field so to speak, then I changed the Text to the text within the note that I want to use as a link…
But alas…

Thanks for explaining!

Select one or more words in the Text of a note then use the text pane’s Link parking tool to create the links to the desired object. Once you’ve dragged the link, use the Create Link pop-over to customise the link. See the reference articles and pages linked from those for more detail on the process.

Thanks, the Robot without the ‘Red Button’ helped me out…

With video!
Deserves a nice place in the advised help links!


I’m lost. Do you understand the process now? Note: I’m not set up for making video.

The aTbRef links I gave should give you all the detail you need. If they are unclear or missing a step, please say.

Yes I understand, thanks a lot!
But I could not grasp it from aTbRef - needed a bit more elaboration.
Your previous reply says it all, but in the meantime I already found ordinaryhumanlanguage.

Robot without the ‘Red Button


If you want to see all your notes in map view, you need to use separators in outline view to communicate hierarchy. Basically you sequence the notes in the order they should be, and add separators for what would ordinarily be containers.

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