Any video guides how to write and publish a hypertext fiction book


I wanted to share that I have been using Tinderbox and recently downloaded the trial version of Storyspace.

I am intrigued by the idea that hypertext fiction can offer a more captivating experience compared to traditional linear narratives.

Currently, I am working on a fiction book and I’m interested in learning how to write and publish a hypertext fiction book. While I am going through the introductory book “Getting Started with Hypertext Narrative,” I believe some experienced community members might be able to provide better guidance in this regard.

Some great resources close to home… on you will find several links, including to Hypertext Now. The Tinderbox Way, again. And also search for hypertext fiction on the web.

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The Electronic Literature Organization is currently holding its annual conference, incidentally; perhaps some useful resources there: Overcoming Divides: Electronic Literature and Social Change

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