Anybody else getting uptick in crashes with TB 9.6, MacOS 13.6 on Intel MacBook Pro?

I’m getting frequent crashes within the first few changes in view or attempted edits of opening Tinderbox. I’ve had a pause in using TB for a few weeks, and then updated to MacOS 13.6 and TB 9.6. Once it’s happened once, it happens frequently, only solution so far is to restart the Mac. I have the standard Apple crash reports.

Is anyone else is seeing this as this obviously helps me narrow things down?
Cheers, Malcom

Hi, welcome back to the forum.

As to the question, I’ve not seen that here (which is only one data point), but the user-to-user forum can’t diagnose this sort crash-related problems. for faster resolution, please sent the crash/hang reports direct to support ( Also note what you were ding, the step—if known—to reproduce the crash on demand and best of all a documents that displays the error. Meanwhile it is also worth noting whether this affects one TBX file or all your TBXs. If just the one likely something in that doc is the cause. The developer may also ask oif you can share a (zip) of your TBX file to help find the cause.

†. See Using OS X Finder to locate Crash and Hang logs.

Thanks Mark - have followed yr advice - M.

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This seems to be tied to a specific document and perhaps a specific view. I expect to resolve the issue shortly.