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Apple Notes watched folders don't sync?


The watched notes in the watched folders on the apple notes are not syncing automatically with tinderbox. So all my linked apple apple notes to those in the tinderbox get broken as I have to remove that folder and again make manual sync.

This is a huge bother.

Hope I am clear enough on what my pain is?

Watched folders import from Notes/Evernote/Dropbox etc, but they don’t sync back to your mobile device. They’re an inbox to a Tinderbox project.

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Further to the answer above, please read this help article.

I don’t want them to sync back, they cannot sync as I am not able to EDIT as they are Read-only.

I want new files added to the folder to reflect, which isn’t happening. In short, the fetch isn’t working properly.

Close the document, reopen, and wait a bit; are the new notes imported? (It’s hard to diagnose this without more detail, as naturally we don’t have your Apple Notes!)

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This is expected as the note is a reflection of the source in Notes. If you want to edit the note copy it outside the watched notes container

oh ok, will try that and revert back.