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Arrange Notes in Reverse Order?

Is there a way to sort/arrange notes to get a list reversed so it displays in reverse order? Alternatively, is there a way to “clean up” or arrange a horizontal display of notes 01 02 03 04 … vertically that does not stack them 04 03 02 01?

I’m importing five different types of data from 86 participants in the form of 400-some PDF-to-Text notes. In the above simulacrum, the number identifies the participant and the letter identifies the datatype. When I import a dataset, they appear in a horizontal row in numeric order (01, 02, 03) but when I clean up to make the row vertical (View > Arrange > Clean Up … Method: column), it sorts the row in reverse order (03, 02, 01).


Cleanup arranges elements in outline order. So, you could sort by the participant number, and that should get you closer to the goal.

This might be an application for algorithmic positioning: calculate $Ypos by participant ID, and $Xpos by data type.

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Thanks, Mark!

Re: algorithmic approach is this similar to what you review in one of the recent-ish videos you uploaded?

Yes, exactly.

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