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Assign note to specific location (like column3, row2) on adornment

Are there ways to assign notes to specific columns and rows location on monthly calendar adornment when I set conditions as its query order?

No, or not with any ease. My recollection is grids were an affordance for manual placement of notes. Also, if you are using a continuous query to gather notes, then the agent controls note placement and I don’t think you can reach inside that process. You also need to consider the edge cases. What if all the notes need to do in box #17, how will you see them all? Don’t assume these issues won’t occur.

With all that in mind, there might be a way. first you need to know the adornment’s $Xpos, $Ypos, $Width, $Height, $GridRows & $GridColumns; plus the $Width & $Height of a note. With that you could then work out the size and map location of each grid box. Based on that you might be able to use the smart adornment’s $Rule to place items. Of course, if you more or resize the adornment you need to recalculate. But without even trying this it sounds like something so complex as to likely be easily broken.

Does this layout have to be used or is this just based on a diary-like condensed month layout? I ask as depending on the assumptions/constraints of the underlying task there might be a solution. IOW, is seeing on what day a note falls due more important than the exact look of the layout or vice versa. Or, consider just pass info out into a calendaring app.

Or make a grid of individual adornments. Once you set it up it seems like you could copy and paste as needed for future months.

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I did think of that. Indeed you could make up a a composite. But it feels like a kludge. I’m guessing the OP will expect to see all items in a grid box and assume that the grid will likely scale to accommodate this. So this issue with lots of adornments is less detecting the right adornment/cell but the overall usability once you start adding all your data.

IOW, I get the concept, but it’s not one I’d advise with current functionality. It’s just go for {x,y} position and use some line-adornments and label notes to make a ‘grid’.

Thank you for all your advises. (pardon for lately replying, due to some private reasons). I probably might try to use agents instead of adornments in collecting periodical tasks.