aTbRef - AppleScript notes revised/restructured

As the existing single page was getting a bit unwieldy, I have refactored the page and split discrete topic out into child note, as now seen here (you may need to refresh your bowser’s cached page). Inevitably, errors may creep in so please report any if found. AppleScript allows a fair degree of freedom as to how any given command is written so inevitably any given individuals’ code my vary in how that line of code is written. Still, I’m always open to improvements that offer the clearest approach for those new to the task—here using AppleScript with Tinderbox.

AppleScript is a broad topic on its own and all options is offers are outside the scope of aTbRef, but I trust this covers the basics, and remember the Tinderbox community includes a few people with good AppleScript experience who can hold if stuck.

The sitemap and zipped TBX source are also updated.