aTbRef - slight tweak to CSS

No, it’s not an optical illusion, CSS had changed very slightly.

Following on from some useful suggestions for @eastgate, the site’s pages now have a bit more whitespace margin and line height which may make for easier/more pleasant reading.


BTW, I’m open to further changes, if suggestions come with a plausible explanation of need (and which doesn’t privilege one group of users over others).

The TBX also has a discrete CSS note for print-related styling, e.g. for PDFs generated from from HTML pages (using wkhtmltopdf does the same). Currently, the print-media scoped styles are mainly dealing with page breaks and widows & orphans, but it might do more. As I make but don’t use the PDFs—other than general proofing for style run-over/missing images/etc.— I’m likely unaware of possible improvements for the reader. Also the original setup was written probably 10 years ago, and browsers/CSS capabilities move on.

I guess I’ve assumed the website’s primary consumption is on a desk/laptop or a tablet, though the main template is responsive to size (well, enough to stop Google search moaning about the design). I’ve thus assumed the site displays OK, but if it doesn’t let me know.