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aTbRef updated fo v8.7.0

Another release, another update; https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index.html

Change log: https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index/ChangeLog/v870b46421May2020.html

Eastgate’s new app version page here or (download)

This time around I’ve also done a fair amount of (undocumented) text corrections to the corpus and have drawn together some notes into containers. Thus in Map view, I’ve gathered together the adornment articles into a sub-group, same for Containers, and so on. It goes against my general policy of not breaking historically stable URLs—this being a static site, you can change the Number in /atbrefN/ in the URL and see the article in past forms. Still, over time, features grow and mutate and some house keeping is needed.

Still, as ever, I’ve kept linking rich. If the article you are on leaves question, do follow the links in the text. They aren’t just for decoration.

Although I add notes from beta releases as I test, generally it is not until I update the master TBX for a release that the fun starts. Not least, a big rich doc (many attributes, KAs, >100 agents, …) often throws up things that need re-testing documenting. Plus some articles need new/revised artwork which itself sometimes means building a new TBX to get the right subject matter. This time is the first time I’ve noticed, but this update has been about 6 hours work over several days, even if running out the HTML only takes a few minutes. But, as with so many tasks, the time that goes into preparation pays off in the end.

Anyway, enjoy. If history tells me anything there will be typos/breaks so please don’t be shy to report them. If I don’t see them, I can’t fix them and generally fixing such errors is a few minutes work.