aTbRef updated for more consistent use of new [] (List/Set) and {} (Dictionary) mark-up

Though the older forms still work, since v9.6.0 they are deprecated for use in new code and it is recommended we use these new formats. So for Lists and Sets, in basic terms:

$MyList = [apple;pear];


$MyList = "apple;pear";

Then for Dictionary type:

$MyDictionary = {apple:fruit;pear:fruit};


$MyDictionary = "apple:fruit;pear:fruit";

Again, your existing working code still works but is now doing so via legacy support: Eastgate is impressive at long-supporting ‘old’ code forms.

I’ve just manually reviewed c.800 pages for aTbRef for possible uses and updated the content to use the new form. Reports of errors and omissions are welcomed—don’t forget to force refresh the browser in case you’re reporting on old version of the page.

I’ve also added a few clarifications and fixed typos whilst doing the main fix. All edited pages are now live and the Zip of the TBX has been updated as well.

If you’re wondering “why bother?”, I too use aTbRef and the changes are to help nudge me to use the new forms as in many cases only the new format is given (if the ‘wrong’ form is shown, i’m less likely to keep using it). I a few places, to guide the confused existing user I’ve mentioned old and new and the fact the old form is deprecated (IOW, don’t use it, at least for new code).

I’ve just also reviewed a few of my large work docs and update code. Slow and careful work but the result is generally cleaner, easier to read code (not least as we also now have code comments). It’s amazingly how quickly one’s own code no longer makes sense.

Enjoy. :slight_smile: