aTbRef updated for revised URLs for notes with ^ in the title / fuzzy search

Murphy’s Law, documenting ^export^ codes caused some hassles fro the (being) improved parser and caused some export issues. A recent beta adds ^ to characters suppressed when making exported HTML file title from $Name (this makes sense to me).

As a user was having an issue with, you’ve guessed, a page I’d just updated re the ^include()^ command. as the above change affects all Export code listing pages and any pages linking to them, it was easier to update the new site.

An upside it the link to fuzzy search is in the quicklink bar of all pages (it was going to waited for the next public release site update but the templates were already updated!).

A doubt this export issue affects anyone directly—unless you export notes with ^ characters in their name. The export tweak will be in the next public release.