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aTbref updated for v8.0.6

See change logs: https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index/ChangeLog.html

Thanks so much for all the work you put into this! I am in the process of learning the program and without aTbref (and this amazing forum) I wouldn’t be nearly as far along.

Since I don’t know where else to put this, I wanted to let you know about a small error in the stamp entry. I just discovered that the listed order of arguments is backwards. Instead of stamp([item,]stampName), I think it should be stamp(stampName[,item]). (At least, this is what I had to do to apply a stamp to a specific item.) If this isn’t the right place to put this, let me know the appropriate spot. Thanks again!

Seen, fixed. I copied the transposed elements from the release notes and missed the error. The app Help is also wrong on this (which I’ve already reported).

Apologies for the error, but thanks for reporting it. Do please feel free to report any other errors or typos you find. The website is intended as a public resource for fellow users. Given its size and longevity (>14 years) errors do creep in. So, genuinely, all error reports gratefully received.

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Ok, so far that’s the only error I’ve come across. If I do run into any others I’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks for the quick fix and for putting together such a great resource!