aTbRef updated for v9.7.0

The aTbRef website is now refreshed for reflect changes for the v.9.7.0 b654 release, using the v9.5.0 baseline. The Change Log for v9.7.0 is here: Change Log.

The release caught me midway through a complex update to documentation on sorting & dates. This affects c.20 pages and some new articles plus a lot of link triage. Rather than delay the site update this means a few pages are uploaded incomplete. The changes in this area don’t really change anything but, when done, should give more useful advice to newer users.

As ever, do report missing pages, broken links, typos, errors, missing/wrongly-sized images. If I know about these I can fix them!


Last night’s update went awry. I’ve re-synced the site so all should be well: all existing pages should be there (bar the missed page for the new expand() command). Review of some missing late-stage Release Notes show some more gaps. Free time is short, so completing the v9.7.0 may not finish completely before next week. Sorry!

Progress. Phew, my FTP gremlins are resolved and aTbRef v9.7.0 website is correctly uploaded and with all changes for the current released annotated.

As previously noted there are some ongoing improvements relating to sorting of Date-type data which are still ongoing, but don’t affect use of the overall resource.