aTbRef updated for v9.7.3 release

v9.7.3 is released. The web site is fully refreshed, including the zip of the source TBX. All pages with a set of quicklinks top/bottom of the page will now include a link for the new fuzzy search. Latter was discussed in this part of the forum recently.

This is not a new baseline, just a site-wide refresh and to upload v9.7.3 changes.

v9.7.3 change log.

Please do report any broken links or missing/old images so I can fix them. There ought not to be any but…



Bless you @mwra, not only for aTbRef but also being the first to mention @eastgate’s latest update to 9.7.2 9.7.3 released today!

Am very happy to see I can squish the ‘View’ panel to Rather Small when I’m tapping away in outline view. Thanks for fixing this one up so quickly.

I think it was essentially a ‘silent release’ and to get out a number of such fixes (your point above, a JSON parsing issue, and map title/subtitle alignment) to active users needing them. The current release (10 Apr?) is actually the same Backstage build 673 that the Backstage crew have had since 5 Apr. That suggests a kind early pushing of what is essentially a cumulative fix release—albeit with two small new map features (title vertical alignment, and edge ‘stripes’: details in the change log).

I’m saddened by Macupdate recently pulling their RSS feed which used to be a way I scanned for releases I missed (I guess they culdn’t find a way to monetise the RSS).