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aTbRef updated: Link comments & actions / typos / errors / etc

Full upload. Improved cover/linkage of Link comments & actions. Fixed a lot of typos/errors.

A big thank you to those who do report errors. With 2k articles accumulated over 15+ years all sorts of errors creep in besides typos. For instances, reference to the old per-v6 UI. I genuinely like to hear about errors so I can fix them. Please don’t pass because you assume “someone else” will write in. A continue to maintain aTbref so others, especially new users can benefit from the information so please report:

  • typos, text that doesn’t make sense
  • broken links
  • missing / wrongly sized images
  • references to features no longer in the app

Reporting an error doesn’t just help you, it helps the whole Tinderbox community. I just did a crawl for grammatical/formatting errors and edited >400 notes (about 23% of the whole corpus). I’m sure I’ve missed things.

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When I was writing my book about Napoleon, a professor I knew advised me to put in some deliberate errors “to keep the pedants happy”. I reflected privately that it would be quite unnecessary to put in deliberate ones.

You do amazing work. Everybody is grateful. You undoubtedly deserve the Légion d’honneur.