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aTbRef v7.1.0 update

aTbRef updated for Tinderbox v7.1.0b263.

I’ve added a new JSON feed feature but it’s not fully complete yet as it needs a tweak to export operators in order to get the correct export.


Dear Mark Anderson,
Thanks a lot for updating Tinderbox7.1.

Thanks in advance.
I am afraid I could put these query here.

I have a question for you.
This may be a rude question, but
Tinderbox7.1.dmg can not complete routine scan with Intego-VirusBarrier.
During to check with VirusBarrier as always, almost dmg scanning carry out it’s function.
Tinderbox Series 7 not fulfill its function.
Comment field display betwixt and between state, and be aborted.
I have the custom of doing, bring every downloading files into check screening out viruses.

Tinderbox.dmg not ensure complete security for me.
This make me in an anxious frame of mind.

Am I behindhand in your ideas ?
Let me know how Tinderbox.dmg based upon the concept that about AntiVirus.
You will appreciate that I have butterflies in my stomach.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Yours cordially. WAKAMATSU

I think you need to contact support (info@eastgate.com) as I’m a fellow user like yourself and have no connection with the creation of the DMG used to distribute the application itself. My post above is about the aTbRef resource I write about Tinderbox’s features, which is different to the application itself.

Dear Mark Anderson,

Thank you for your information.
I will post to (info@eastgate.com) .

I owe you one.


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I very much doubt there’s a virus; it’s been decades since we’ve seen an actual Mac virus here.

I’m fairly skeptical that Intego is likely to catch an viruses in the wild, but others might be more informed than I.

I have used Tinderbox for about 10 years, and with all the beta releases and updates I have downloaded hundreds of versions of the program’s DMG.

I have never had a virus problem with TB, and have never seen one mentioned in these forums.

I would bet that this is an inaccurate / “false-positive” report from your anti-virus program.

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I ran the DMG thru Windows Defender (actually works fine on Mac files) and a couple of other virus checkers that I have access to. No problems – virus, or otherwise.

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I just ran the file through BitDefender (mac) and it found no issues.

Thank you, Mark, for updating aTbRef and for all the hours you must put into it. I’ve been relying on it a lot lately, and getting a bit more comfortable with the technical language used in Tinderbox commands.

Thanks a lot for you all.
There is no doubt about tbx-xyz.dmg fliles according to the report here.
I feel relieved.
I put tbx710.dmg down as a reliable sources list in Intego Virus Barrier.

thx and regards. WAKAMATSU