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aTbRef v7.1.0 updated with new search

I’ve uploaded new pages with new (working!) Google site search in the footer of each page. Content is the same but uses the new Google search code. Sorry about the ads in the results - I can’t avoid that inclusion as it’s done at the server end.

Incidentally, does anyone use the (Google) Translate widget I put in each page. I’ve no idea how good the translation is. Given the amount of technical (And Tinderbox) terminology I suspect it may not always help. I’d be interested to hear.

www.atbref.com points to the home page but the current actual URL is http://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref7/index.html.

If you want to get the source TBX to use locally or export for local HTML use see http://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref7/index/AboutaTbRef/ObtainingtheaTbRefsource.html

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Hi Marc, how can I get your TbRef?


aTbRef is Here

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Thank you, Paul. That works fine.

I am having problems getting aTbRef returning search results at all:

Ideas, @mwra what I have to do to fix that?

Sorry, Google broke (changed function of?) their search again, and I’ve no idea as to how to fix it. most likely I’ll sadly have to remove the search when I next do a full site update. I did fix it once before which simply involved a new block of code. this breakage seems different.

If anyone does know how to fix this, I’m open to suggestions.

One workaround for now is aTbREf’s sitemap (http://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref7/aTbRefSiteMap.html). There is a link for this at the top and bottom of every page. Although it only lists page titles you can use your web browser’s ‘find’ feature to search the page.

Also for action codes like collect_if() in your screen-grab, it is only 2 clicks from front page to the article. Front page, top of screen, click ‘action codes’, scroll page and click ‘collect_if’.

That helps a lot, @mwra Thanks!

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are we currently on v7.3.1 or already on v7.3.2 @mwra ?

The main site is updated with the current public release (see front page of the site). Some pages get interim updates which may—as a beta tester—get done using the current beta which may report as a later version than current.

As I write, the public release is v7.3.1.

I get you say. But for me: literally every page I clicked displayed v7.3.2 which is a little bit confusing.

Thanks for the clarification.

Any ideas when we’ll see v7.3.2?

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I am so interested in the next release, too!! Hoping eastgate would always brings us with good features.

You’d need to ask Eastgate directly. By the convention of this forum we don’t discuss the details of betas & release schedules (at least everyone bar Eastgate!).