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aTbRef v9.2.0 (b553) uploaded

I just uploaded aTbRef updated for the v9.2.0b553 release: see here.

The v9.2.0 change log is here.

There are also a lot of recent fixed (typos/corrections) and improvements to text.

Please continue to report any errors, including broken links/images. There are a lot of notes in the site and I’d rasther get a flase report of an error than none at all. :slight_smile:


Just updated the article on the Dictionary Data Type to reflect the fact that:

  • care should be taken if using key strings that container other than: A-Za-z0-9, hyphen, underscore or space. There is no design intent to support any possible character string, though accented characters and Unicode characters for major languages should be OK. If needing to use key names with things like regex special characters in them you are advised to test them in a small test file first and only implement them once happy there are no unexpected effects.
  • multi-item values (i.e. lists) areβ€”as at v9.2.0β€”not yet supported. A possible workaround is to swap out the list demiiter, e.g. β€œwinken;blinken;nod” β†’ β€œwinken#blinken#nod”. Until there is support for accessing a single item in a multi-item value, it is necessary to read the value and process the list therein. so, it is trivial work to swap the delimiters back once read from the dictionary, e.g. β€œwinken#blinken#nod” β†’ β€œwinken;blinken;nod”.