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aTbRef7: improved site search and https access

Google site search seems to be irretrievably broken/unsupported by google. In the interim, I’ve added a DuckDuckGo search box to each page to allow for easier searching of aTbRef7 content.

Separately, my hosted service now seems to prove https access (now Google is starting to class ‘http’ as evil). I need to fix some specific in-site links, but in the interim, if you open https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref7/index.html, you should able able to navigate around the site with https maintained. In fact all acrobatfaq.com and atbref.com content should now be https accessible.

I hope that helps those using these resources…

http is not evil, but https is safer. I tend to avoid non-SSL sites. Just saying.

The Google Site search seems to work. When I try this: test site:http://nytimes.com in google, I get results only from the site nytimes.com. But when I search for atbref in google (without the site thing), I get no result at all (or better say, not to the atbref.com Site). Could it be, that some code prevents google from indexing atbref?
Just an idea

Kind regards, Kay

Google Search (control panel) claims a robots.txt is blocking it. That definitely isn’t the case so I have an undiagnosable false positive! I’m sure it works for other sites and did work for mine, until recently when clearly something changed. If only I knew what it was… :open_mouth: