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aTbRef8 is now active

See https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index.html

I welcome any broken links/typos/missing image reports. There’s been a lot of cleaning behind the scenes in the TBX. The in-doc version checker is now removed as it seemed to be causing problems and was kludge on one (?) uses any more. Where pertinent all web links use https rather than http. Templates should now be using HTML5 doctype.

There are bits that will flash out as some of the new features bed down, but I do think it’s a reasonable start. It’s been a good few days solid work but I hope it is of help to the Tinderbox community.


I can’t imagine the work that goes into putting these sites together, but I use them all the time. They’re essential.

So, very hearty and very sincere thanks.

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Immeasurable help, actually.

No one, on any software forum I’ve ever participated in, has put in as much patient, kind, thorough and thoroughly helpful work support their fellow customers, as Mark Anderson. Unpaid! aTbRef is essential. A rousing ovation for @mwra :clap::clap: :exclamation::exclamation:


Here, here!

Thank you Mark.

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I echo that sentiment. Thanks on the highest level, Mark.

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Well Deserved. A true member of the Tinderbox Hall of Fame!


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Fresh upload of the site. Pasting a link revealed a glitch which revealed two errors in my template code for the quicklinks.

  • The URL stub for the article permalink still had the stub for the v7 site.
  • The root note’s exported filename had become unset so the wront path was encoded in all notes.

Boo. Now fixed. Sorry about that.

Suspect I may be revealing my ignorance here - are the 5th and 6th code snippets on https://acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index/ActionsRules/Basicactioncodesyntax.html typed as intended ?

To a novice, it looks as if a couple of typos might have introduced equality operators where assignment operators were intended (no problem in the if clauses, of course, but what follows looks unexpected (to my naive eyes) in 3 places)



( I would have expected to see = rather than those == in the date and color assignments on the right hand side of the two conditionals )

(A brilliant reference resource, incidentally … thank you !!)

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Good spot! Plus the ‘today’ strings had no closing quote marks. Fixed & uploaded. Thanks for the report. :grinning:

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