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aTbRef9 refresh

A fresh full run-out of aTbRef9 has just been uploaded. Lots more errors found and fixed (doubtless more yety to be found). I’ll also started re-factoring a number of overly big pages into more smaller notes for better cross-reference and ease of maintenance. Amongst these are:





A few older saved bookmarks may break if they point to the pages I’ve split apart.

As ever, please report missing/broken pages, missing images or typos/errors.



Piggybacking old PM as rushing before dinner guests arrive.

As Michael said you are looking for the blab.html#something form of URL.

BUT, for reason too long to explain here, you can’t ‘just’ make an existing internal note to note link work when exported if the target note is ‘included’ as part of another page. IOW, you can create links like above but not automatically - at least no without a bit more post processing.

Just wanted to flag this before you committed to a method needing that in your Tinderbox export. We can follow up on the forum, meet-ups, etc.

Right, the galley stove beckons!

Mis disculpas

Posted in wrong account. Sorry. Best intentions, and all that. Sorry for the surprise and be well! Happy weekend-tide.