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Attribute Browser - save the configuration of AB views

Is it possible to save the setup of various attribute browser views, e.g. especially the column configuration and query. and I move between topics in my work I find that I have to keep reconfiguring the AB for different views I need, and then go back later and set it all up again.

Make new attribute browser tabs, and leave the old ones for later use?

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I’ve run into a similar situation of wanting to save AB views (perhaps, similar to how Filters can be saved in Outline view). Leaving old AB tabs for later use starts to get cluttered. This is especially the case when a single TBX file covers multiple domains. When pivoting from one topic (e.g., a class) to another (e.g., research manuscript), it is helpful to close and put away tabs from the first topic.


I hear you! On the radar for Tinderbox 9.


Yes, please!

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