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Attribute Inheritance in Tinderbox

I’ve ported another of my old Clarify tutorials to my own server. Revised in v7.5.4 it is essentially correct for v6.00+.

See: http://www.acrobatfaq.com/tb_clarify/tinderbox-7---inheritance.html


Mark’s tutorial on attribute inheritance was the most valuable document in my learning Tinderbox. It was a challenge to follow for a newbie to Tb but the effort paid off immensely when I could understand how to make inheritance work for me. My heavy reliance on the Outline view had made inheritance seem mysterious - I expected it to follow the structure of my outline. Mark explained all.

News of its restored availability should be posted on the Q&A Getting Started category of the forum. Not just with Tutorials and Examples. I’m not creative enough to figure out how best to make that happen.

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Likewise, some of Mark’s tutorials were invaluable in the early stages. I second the suggestion that they should be highlighted as introductory material.

Thank you Mark!

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