Attribute Value Selection

Is there a way to have the attribute value selection of a list NOT SORT THE LIST alphabetically but rather retain the order of the list? Right now, it is reporting this list. I’d like it to retain the original order.


I believe this is a list of all the values in use, not merely all the values in this particular list. The range of values might be fairly large, and include values absent in this particular list; how should they be treated?

The order BAFDGHIJK might not be what people expect.

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Yes, that is correct; it is all the value is in use. I see your point in that they may not be what people expect

It unless the attribute has suggested values. In the latter case the list is both the unique (case-sensitive) values used for that attribute across the whole document (as @eastgate notes) plus any unused items from the attribute’s list of suggested values.

If you really need the pop-up values to list in arbitrary order, you can prefix them with padded numbers, e.g. “01 D”, “02 C”. The prefix is because strings are sorted lexically, so 1;12;2 not numerically 1;2;12. Of course if you needed to use the values in action code you’d need to trim the from 3 characters to get the ‘true’ value. This is just a kludge. But it depends on how immediate/dire the need is.

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