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Auto-exploded notes?

I’ve gone in fits and starts with TBX for a few years and just starting to feel like i have a handle on things when …

On importing a .txt file, TBX seems to have “auto-exploded” the note, without any command from me (i.e. I’m not toggling the “Explode” command). This results in breaking the .txt file into a new note at each line break, using each newly created line (in full) as the Title (rather than the Text) of the newly-created note, each of these notes now preserved under a parent note bearing the Title of the original filename. This preserves the content of my original note - but makes it pretty unwieldy.

Have i inadvertently toggled “ON” the note exploder? Is there some way i can turn-off this “auto-explosion”? Or can I parse differently the note contents? For instance, if i import a filename Jia.txt, might TBX parse the newly created notes as Title=Jia1, Jia2, Jia3…, with my highlights inserted in the Text of each new note?

I’m doing a review of the technical literature. The .txt file is created by exporting text highlighted in a technical article.

Thanks for any suggestions folks.

There is no auto-explode but if Tinderbox detects (what appears to be) tabular information it will attempt to parse the CSV or tab-delimited records therein into per-record notes: see more. That’s a best guess, without seeing the file.

Regardless if the dropped file is splitting into notes, I suggest you just make a new note and copy/paste the contents - or use a different tabulation in the source file.

Thanks for the quick reply Mark.

Given that i was working with a simple text file, i wasn’t sure how to modify tabulation (copy’n’paste of < 12 notes would’ve been a pain). But your suggestion did lead to a resolution.

In my original file (of captured highlights), the initial lines read (the full journal reference):
"(1) Jia, L.; Shen, M.; Wang, J. Preparation and Characterization of Dip-Coated Γ-Alumina Based Ceramic Materials on FeCrAl Foils. 2007, 201 (16-17), 7159–7165.

p.7159: If a conventional coating process is used for coating …"

I first tried stripping out the double-return separating “7159-7155” (the journal pages) from “p. 7159: If a conventional …”, to no avail.

But stripping out the leading “(1)” before “Jia” did the trick. That leading numeric must’ve triggered the “exploding”.


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Yes, I’ve reproduced this by copying the text @gfholland included in his post above (sans quotes):

Note that the first line, without the “(1)” and tab, becomes the name of an new attribute, and the second line the name of a note. Strange.

But, I am not sure if it has to do with the “(1)”. This text does not behave the same way as the text @gfholland provided. There’s something else causing the parsing error.