AutoFetch - and Sonoma?

I’ve become a big fan of using AutoFetch and AutoFetchCommand to pull web content into my TBXes. Today it seems not to work: following prior process of dragging a URL from Safari into a TBX creates a Note with associated URL, but AutoFetch = True and AutoFetchCommand fail to pull in the expected web content. First noticed this on a newly created TBX but have reproduced in an older TBX having several older examples of successful fetching.

Yesterday I’d upgraded macOS to Sonoma. Is there something amiss with Sonoma - a missing Permissions switch? - that might be inhibiting the “usual” Fetch behavior?

Thanks for any suggestions.

We’ve had no other reports so far. Dr. Google suggests that you try going to Settings>Network>Network Filters and disable filters; that seems to help a lot of people experiencing internet access issues with other tools. I’ve seen reports that old versions of Kaspersky and Little Snitch may cause problems…

Thanks for the suggestions. I do not have Kaspersky nor Little Snitch. And I don’t see the Filters option you mention - just WiFi and Firewall options.
As far as I can tell my Mac is otherwise performing “normally.” Suggestions re: what about the AutoFetch process that might be causing it to not-perform?

Are you using http:// or https:// ?

I’ve been successful before using https://. I just emailed you an example TBX file, with both working and non-working Fetch notes.

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I’ve found that by executing a manual “Update Agents Now,” I can Fetch again. The Automatic Updates - still no: seems the Fetch command is never executed. I can reproduce this behavior in different documents and pulling from different URLs. Other Agents seem to update just fine / normally.

I have a working solution for the Fetch behavior, so I’m fine moving forward. Thanks for your help Mark.

Thank you for discovering this fix. I have been unable to autofetch on Sonoma. Perhaps it’s a Sonoma thing – this OS has some unexpected behaviors and barriers.

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I think Sonoma may be involved. I need to make a special build to explore this, which will have to wait for my return from the Mexico City talk. Sorry for the delay: end of quarter and lots to juggle.

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