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AutoFetch and URL rendering

I have been experimenting with using the URL attribute in conjunction with the AutoFetch attribute. The website in the URL is retrieved and the content is visible, however the rendering of the site does not match the rendering in the browser. If the rendering cannot be improved for whatever reason, is there a way to have TB just pull the raw text (no CSS)?

Fetch for what purpose - just reading or for re-use of the text? Modern web pages now use a lots of client side Javascript to create the final render and I’m guessing this is the cause of the disconnect. If you want to see the ‘true’ render, try ticking $ViewInBrowser for the note. Setting the latter opens $URL in your Mac’s web browser rather than in the note itself.

The goal really is to have the text for re-use. I tried setting $ViewInBrowser=true in the Rule and I get a system error message “There is no application set to open the URL %@.” The URL attribute is populated correctly. Any idea what might be going on?

No – we can’t interpret CSS in Tinderbox. Set $ViewInBrowser to true and make sure the URL includes the protocol – http:// or https:// .

Just as a check, I just created a new empty TB doc and dragged a url from the Chrome browser to the map view. As expected, the URL attribute was populated and included http://. I then added $ViewInBrowser=true to the rule for the note. I get the same error message as in my other document. Here’s the example tbx file: https://ufile.io/7a13b

I can confirm this error.

I, too, have encountered this error.

Got it. It’ll be fixed in the next release.


Thank to all involved for: finding, reporting, and fixing.

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