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$AutoFetch to update DevonThink's attributes such as tags

When I drag an rtf file from DevonThink, attributes like tags are imported. However, when I check $AutoFetch on, attributes like tags from DevonThink dissapear in TinderBox.

What should I write in $AutoFetchCommand for those attributes to be kept and updated?

Or is there a better method (edict, stamp…) to update notes from DevonThink? If this is the case, again where and what command should I write in order to update attributes as well?

Thanks in advance.

I think this is pretty definitely a bug.

(BTW, it’s not “attributes like tags” – the only thing that disappears in this case is the value of $Tags.)

$AutoFetchCommand contains action code and executes after the auto-fetch occurs. It’s not directly relevant to the problem you reported – which is a bug.

This sounds like a bug. It’s not previously reported. We’ll investigate: new issue #2091.