Automatic resizing of note in map view is not working as (I) expected

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You have helped me so many times before. This time I have a basic question concerning the automatic resizing of notes in map-view when the name of the note is too long to fit. In the Map-part of the document settings in Tinderbox 9.6.1, I have selected “Expand proportionally” for when the note name is too long. However, when the note name is longer than can fit on the note in map-view, the note is not expanding automatically. What am I doing wrong, or do I have the wrong expectations?

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What’s an example of “note name too long”? Would be helpful so others can explore the problem.

It’s not actually defined in the settings:

I don’t know what the criteria are, but it often (usually?) doesn’t work for me, either.

When I set “expand horizontally” long titles expand to two lines. When set to “expand vertically” they expand to as many rows as are needed, retaining what looks pretty well like the “normal” width of a note. “Expand proportionately” expands along both dimensions. Seems to do what one would expect of the setting.

I assumed it had to do with what text of the selected size can fit on the size of a note in map-view when created. In my case, it amounts to 65 charachters (including spaces) when the badge has been assigned by one of the agents that help me distiguish between types of notes in my knowledge management system (content, interpretation, or synthesis). However, with the characters of words kept together, there is just room for 6-8 words or so.

Thanks @GordonFTBX. That is what I expected would happen, but it does not.

Let’s be concrete here.

  1. Make a new document. Set it up to Expand Notes Proportionally.

  2. Make a new note.

  3. Give it the name that’s causing problems.

Does that expand, or not?

One caveat: automatic note expansion does not occur if you assign the Name in an action. That’s intended; if it did expand, it might cover up other notes, and you’d have not opportunity to know it. Expanding after a manual name change is OK because you’re looking at the note when it expands.

Caveat two: Working at different magnifications might be involved here. That once caused a headache. If problems persist, it would be interesting to know if you’re working at standard scale, and if the problems are resolved by switching to standard scale.

Caveat three: There are some edge cases with (a) long words, and (b) unusual fonts. That might be what’s going on here.

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Thanks @eastgate ! I did that now, and then it worked perfectly in the new document. I really hope its possible to get it to work in my original document since I have invested a lot of time developing the functionality I want (for my Zettelkasten on steroids).

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Sure. Now we know it’s not a mysterious curse. The question is, what’s different about your Zettelkasten?

Things I’d look for:

  • is the issue related to magnification?
  • is an action setting $Height or $Width?

Thanks, @eastgate , for assisting the detective work. I have checked and I have the map-view in standard scale, the note names are not assigned in an action, and I have no action setting $Height or $Width. The problem remains regardless of only using short words in the long name, and the font was Ideal Sans SmS but I changes to Arial and it still doesn’t work.

I wonder if Display Expressions might be a factor, use used. i’ve not used Display Expression myself for years so don’t have recent live experience. But, the note icon in the map draws $DisplayName, which is $Name as processed via $DisplayExpression. Thus, if anything, a note using Display Expression will likely have a longer $Display Name. As the author, this is a factor one can easily elide mentally when considering this issue.

My notes covering note resize are here. When the dust settles on this, do prod me if the article needs addition info or extra clarity. I ask only as the reader’s eye is often better at spotting errors/ambiguities in the author’s take, especially for some long-lived features.

Can you share a copy of this document? Perhaps I can figure out what’s amiss.

That would be great! How do I get the document to you? Email? should do it

Done! You have in in your inbox. Thanks!