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Automating data entry notes using the same attribute

I have 2 notes with several attributes but 1 attribute that is used in both.

Rather than typing the values into the other note (both) manually, I would like to automate this process by entering the value a single time in one note and have the value appear/used in the second note. The attribute is a user defined attribute set as a string. Is this possible?

Any suggestions on how to do this?

Thanks in advance

The first note could have a rule that copies the attribute to the second note. Or an agent could look at both notes.

But I don’t really understand what you’re doing. Could you explain the underlying task a bit?

Sure. To use an example to help explain my question: I have 2 notes…lets say the first is called Financial with an attribute called TotalMedicalNetPd. I also have another note called Clinical in which I would like to see the $TotalMedicalNetPd(value). In other words, I would like to see the value of Financial(TotalMedicalNetPd) in my Clinical note perhaps as an attribute or a way to “replicate” the value of the attribute in the first note to the second note. I hope this helps my explanation a bit.

Thanks in advance

So, why not let Clinical have a rule: $MyNumber=$TotalMedicalNetPd(/Financial)

Thanks Mark. That helped a lot. Have a great day.

Getting stuck again. I think I am not understanding the scope of “Rules”. I assume they apply to all descendants of a note? Not sure, need some help here.

Here’s my real world example trying out using a rule: I am trying to auto-populate the attribute $Industry in all descendants of ClientName. Here is my code that does not seem to work: $Industry=$Industry(/Data/ClientName)

The way I am understanding the above code for the Rule of the note ClientName is: As a rule, auto populate the attribute of all descendants of ClientName with the value of $Industry(/Data/ClientName), which I believe says the attribute value of$Industry of the note ClientName. I am not sure if this is more correct in the $rule field: $Industry("/Data/ClientName")

I have tried both ways and it does not seem to work. I am now thinking that I am missing something.

Thanks in advance

A rule applies to this note, and only this note. From time to time, Tinderbox scans every note and performs that note’s rule.

Rules are often inherited from prototypes. An inherited rule is just like any other rule, when it runs, this is bound to the note that has inherited a rule.

The most common ways to automatically populate a field of a note created in a given container are:

  1. Use an OnAdd action to set the value of the newly-created note, or
  2. Use the OnAdd action to set the Prototype of the new note, and then allow that note to inherit the desired value from the prototype.

Note that OnAdd actions serve as suggestions – the value is set automatically when the note is created in or moved into the container, but you may then change the value. A Rule, on the other hand, is a constraint: if you change the value, the rule will change it back!

Thanks Mark, this makes sense. Thank you for your explanation and will helps me understand the both the constraints for a rule and when to use a rule vs the OnAdd action.

Much appreciated this helps me very much. All the best.