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Automation of actions using Drafts

I have a question. Perhaps the answer has already appeared on the forum. Years ago I used Simplenote. When I exported a note from the program, the file landed in Tinderbox in an inbox. I then selected a category and the note automatically landed in the selected location. Now I use Drafts. Notes land in inbox. Unfortunately, after specifying the category, they do not move further. Can I ask for help.

Sure! What you want to do, I suspect, is to add a rule to the inbox container for your watched files – one something like this:

if(....the note has category "Pets"....) {$Container="/Pets"}

You could do this with an agent, of course, and that might be more idiomatic for Tinderbox.

Query: (....the note has category "Pets"....)
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BTW, there is a nice Apple Script for sending your Drafts notes to a Tinderbox file, see Tinderbox and Drafts (getdrafts.com) - #5 by midas0441. I was thinking of doing a video on this. Would that be of interest?


Yes, please!!!

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Of course! Please. I have just used this script. I was referring to the next stage. Placing the note in the right place, e.g. with an index to the “Zettelkasten” category / prototype (it can also be person or other). I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your previous videos. I watch them with great attention.

Thank you for your quick reply. I will check the working today.

Yes, @satikusala, that would be great.

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Yes, I will definitely watch this video!

Thx for all that you do.


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