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Basic Timeline Questions

  • If I want to use the TimelinesStart and TimelineEnd to constrain the display are they applied to the container with the timeline notes only, or must they be applied to the container and the notes?
  • In a note that is within the timeline container I’ve added the attribute TimeBandLabels and inserted a value. For some reason the Band Label doesn’t appear on my timeline. If I’m trying to show a Time Band Label is there anything else I need to do?
  • If I want to show the start date of a note on the timeline can I display it automatically or do I need to write it into the note title?


They are set in the container of the view. Those setting then affect the plotting of all notes/aliases below that container.

Is there a note plotted in that band? If not make sure at least one note is in that band; TimeBandLabels list items #1 labels TimelineBand value zero. Scroll to the left of the band. I can’t recall if the band label is only plotted at the left or is a continuous watermark.

You can add it to the note as a Display Expression, a Hover Expression or by adding to the name.

Also see Timeline view.