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Behavior of containers

Caveat: let me apologize in advance if this is ridiculously simplistic and/or has already been discussed a billion times. Though I am an experienced computer used, I have no background in programming or computer science. If there is a place where this question is already explained, please just point me toward it. Thanks very much, David

I am trying to understand how to work on a note that is within a container. What if a note is within a container, and I want to change the appearance (attributes?) of the single note? It seems that I have to drag the note outside of the container before I can edit its appearance. Is that correct?

Iā€™m guessing you are in Map view. If so, staying in map view, select the container and then press the down-arrow (ā†“). This moves the map view context to the contents of the container allowing you to select and work on that child note. To get back to the parent app? With focus in the view pane, click the up-arrow (ā†‘).

Thank you very much! I think that does what I wanted to do.

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David, when in Map View you can also double click into a container, an alternative to the arrows, to get in to it and then use the breadcrumbs along the time to get out.

Also, is it good to note that view are just that, view, i.e. different lens to your notes. In other words, the Map view is just a different way of looking at your notes as opposed to the outline view. Editing your notes in one view will edit your notes in another. I find it very convenient to move back and for between different views.