Best practice in exporting to pdf?

Is there a recommended way to export a container as a pdf?

Method 1: I am exporting the entire tinderbox file as html export then using DEVONthink to convert it to a pdf

Method 2: I am using Preview the using copy and pasting into Devon as a RTF then converting to pdf

Just wanted to get idea if there were other ways people were exporting tinderbox files to pdf

Thanks in advance

You don’t need DEVONthink for method #1. Export the the note(s) as a single HTML page, including CSS media rules for print, open the page in a browser (I use Safari) and ‘print’ to PDF. Done. You can see specimen styles in the aTbRef TBX (see in the CSSroot-level containeer)

As to the best method, I’m not sure :slight_smile:

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This is what I do.

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