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Best way to share part of a TBX file?

I’m sure this has been addressed here, but I’m not finding it for some reason (poor search criteria on my part probably). I’m developing an online version of an existing “Environment & Society” course. The college has ridiculous, time-consuming paperwork criteria for the process that is normally done cumbersomely in Word, but I’m finding it far easier to organize my thoughts, move things around, and correct mistakes in Tinderbox.

Eventually I’ll have to get these notes (Modules in the image below that I hope shows up) into the school’s Word template (I’m guessing by copy and paste), but while I’m building it in TBX I’d like to share what I’m doing with my department chair for her comments and approval. I’m interested in what any of you might have found to be the best way to accomplish such a thing. What I would like is for her to be able to read the modules without having to have TBX herself and without having to use only numerous screen shots. If she could also see what week the modules are in that would be a bonus. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Well, first define ‘part’! If the individuals modules are a single note you can export these individually to RTF files which should retain all (most?) of the formatting in their $Text. See more on RTF export.

RTF export doesn’t include key attribute data. But if you assigned $MyNumber in your module to week number of the module, and place a paragraph like this in the $Text:

Module is in week: ^value($MyNumber)^

Then on export it will print, if $MyNumber is ‘8’:

Module is in week: 8

Of course you may need to remove that code for your final export use and you won’t see the the value of $MyNumber in your $Text but ^value($MyNumber)^. You can of course use a different attribute if you want, e.g. a user attribute $ModuleWeek, - just modify the code above.

Also using action code you could set the week number stored in the module note by querying the ‘week’ note to which it is linked, but that’s probably more effort than its worth for this task (unless you already know how to do that).

Wow Mark, thanks for the detailed reply. It’s going to take me a minute to sort through all the options you gave me. I’ll let you know if I can’t quite figure it out. --Bob

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Another approach might be to share a hunk of your document as a Tinderbox document, along with the demo version of Tinderbox.