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Best way to share tbx between two computers

What is the best way to share a TBX file between two computers? I have been using GitHub for over a year without a problem, but suddenly today one of my files is totally blank. There is also no ability to revert to a prior version. Perhaps, I did something wrong when I was syncing. I used to use dropbox and never had a problem, but I was very careful to always close one copy before I worked on the other. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

I regularly work across 3 Macs, 2 locations (home, uni lab, and a travelling MBAir) and keep a lot of my files in Dropbox. I’ve developed a routine about ensuring I don’t leave files open before switching location and, so far, have had no problems with this approach.

I’ve returned your file with an explanation of what happened to the file. Shouldn’t be any real loss here. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t Tinderbox’s doing :slight_smile:

I’ve had the “empty file” syndrome with GitHub and Tinderbox. I can’t explain why it happens, though I quit using Git with Tinderbox from that point on. I suspect it was my own error.

Well, I think I found the problem. . . I was playing with github pages and I think github tried to turn the tbx file into a webpage. I don’t know really, but it was something to do with syncing. I’m going to turn off github pages in this directory and/or go back to dropbox.

I’ve used Dropbox + Tinderbox with multiple computers for going on ten years now, with no problems.

You do need to close the file out on one computer before opening it on another, unless you want to get the Dropbox file-conflict messages.

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Any idea of what git / github were doing to make the file go blank? That seems very odd to me… git should always just store the original file.

I’ve got a couple tbx files in git and now you’ve got me worried that something will happen to them – and I never worry about stuff in git!

I’ve never had a problem in over a year of using GitHub and only 1 file was affected. It was one of two things:

I was messing around with GitHub pages in the same directory where I keep the TBX. I think I exported to the same directory where I keep the TBX file. Somehow during syncing or whatever the TBX file took on an html structure.

The great news is the ability to roll back if there is a problem.

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I know this is an old thread, but I arrived here after having issues with storing TBX files on DropBox and wanted to share a caveat. Sometimes it takes awhile for my MacBook to connect to the internet at work, and my Dropbox folder appears empty for awhile. Once everything syncs the files show up, but there is a period of 1-3 minutes during which my Dropbox folder appears empty.

I have a desktop alias to a TBX file that I use all the time, and if I double-click that alias before my files are synced, I get either a blank file or an old one. If I don’t notice it right away I can make changes to an old copy, and as soon as Dropbox syncs in the background there is a conflict. I don’t get any indication that this happened, unless I look in versions to see.

So the lesson is to also make sure that your Dropbox folder has completely synced before opening files when you use Dropbox.

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Yes, I agree. Sometimes Dropbox can give you a false-positive on All Files Up to Date.

I find that you can usually force a re-index and re-sync by Dropbox if you exit the program and then re-load it.