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Block References

ok, this is a silly query as Tinderbox I suppose doesn’t have blocks.

But just checking.’

If a particular note is rather long, and once wants to point back to only a certain paragraph. Is there some way around rather than copy-pasting the text?

A text link can have a destination anchor at an arbitrary span, which is occasionally useful for linking into a specific place in a large note.

Tinderbox doesn’t need blocks: a Tinderbox note is a block. If you find yourself wanting to address part of a “rather long” note, consider breaking that note into smaller and more focused chunks. You can always store the individual chunks in a container, and select them all if you want to review the continuous text.

‘Block references’ is terminology not encountered in Tinderbox use so I assume it a concept as used in some other app. So it has no defined meaning here. However, …

Two approaches:

  • If you have to have much text in one note, look at linking to target $Text. But…
  • Tinderbox design favours small notes as these are inherently addressable. Consider whether the long note is a requirement or just habit of work style, especially habits acquired using other apps.

Generally, I’ve found splitting long notes into shorter ones a more fruitful approach, as it makes me think about the purpose of the note other than as a place to dump some text (and link(s)). :slight_smile: