Book chapter attribute

Another approach. Pretend you can’t won’t edit the RIS source macro - or you simply get given a RIS file - how might we resolve the fact that the info we want as $BookTitle is being imported into $Volume?


$BookTitle = $Volume;
$Volume =;

Or if the value we wanted was in RIS field XX (a made up field!) in the source and not being auto-extracted by Tinderbox.

$ReferenceRIS.skipTo(" XX  - ").extractLine("Booktitle");

Note: all RIS codes are a 2 uppercase letters followed by 2 x space, a hyphen, 1 x space, and then the value-string.

So those with Bookends at the source end can do some work in the source app (or in other RMs allowing user configuration of RIS format data). But even if not, code like above is your friend.

Also another nice use case for Stream Processing action code. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is the method I use in this video: Zotero: Tinderbox Lesson - Working with Tinderbox & Zotero - YouTube.