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Bookends 14 & AppleEvents

Bookends v14 is out and I noted this from the Bookends release notes:

  • Bookends 14 has a new bundle id
    This means that older versions of some apps that integrate with Bookends (e.g., Mellel, Nisus Writer Pro, DEVONthink, and Tinderbox) will not be able to send AppleEvents to Bookends 14. We have worked with each of these companies and they have or will release updates that work with Bookends 14. As of the date of this release Mellel 5.0.8 and NWP 3.2.2 work with Bookends 14.
  • Introducing cloud sync version 2 (v2)
    The original Bookends cloud sync (version 1) used Apple’s CloudKit JS APIs, which give web apps access to iCloud. Bookends now uses Apple’s native CloudKit. You must be signed into iCloud and have enabled iCloud Drive in System Preferences to sync. The major advantage at this time is that v2 uses your macOS iCloud account information, meaning that there is no need to log in separately to iCloud in Bookends. Importantly, native CloudKit will allow us to expand Bookends’ sync capabilities in future releases.

Those might be of note using Bookends and scripting with other apps mentioned. I believe the current Tinderbox v9.0.0, DEVONthink v3.7.3 and Nissus Writer Pro v3.2.1 all predate the above so those needing AppleEvents (most likely in AppleScripting) may want to watch for impeding updates.

[Edit: as later confirmed below, Tinderbox v9.0.0 is all good with Bookends v14]

IIRC, Mellel v5.0.8 does have the necessary tweaks (a very recent update—see here under " Details about Mellel 5.0.8 (September 6 2021)", “Mac Specific”) .

We’ll have an update shortly. And the Bookends 14 release does in fact work OK with Tinderbox 9.


I’d add that wasn’t a dig at Eastgate. As users we benefit massively from such inter-app co-ordination (between different small companies). So updating in lock-step isn’t my expectation.

I just happened to note the above as I’m one of those people who reads release notes. (OK, I’ll admit not always getting to the end of BBEdit’s listings which are amazingly long and detailed. :slight_smile: )

Great news.

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