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Bookends citation to Tinderbox and Ziplinks

I’m really loving using ziplinks! I like to import Bookend citations so I can link the citation to other notes.

Unfortunately, the prototype Bookends creates puts the full title of the journal/book as the title making the use of ziplinks a bit unwieldy. I have to type in the full title if I want to use any of the modifiers like anchors and many titles use colons often leading to ziplink errors. I’ve been manually modifying the citation title to an in-text citation format (author date) which makes it a lot faster and easier to link.

Is it possible to change the Bookends citation prototype so it imports it that way? Is this a question for the Bookend’s forum?

Many thanks!

We’ll investigate.

What happens if you select the Author-Date format in the Bookends formats manager before you drag from Bookends to Tinderbox?