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Bookends Database Sync

Is it possible to automatically sync the references within a particular Bookends database to a Tinderbox file?

Currently my knowledge management process includes taking notes on sources, entering those sources into Bookends as references, then entering the notes into Tinderbox. It would be beneficial if I could somehow automate syncing of references rather than dragging and dropping each reference individually, as I ultimately need each note I enter into the tbx file to be connected to its respective reference.

In short No. But, why take additional notes in app A having already copied the detail to app B? I use ‘A’ and ‘B’ to dissociate the issue from vendors and look at the logic. Unless you use app ‘A’ data in in another app ‘C’ what is the upside to adding notes in ‘A’ and looking for a sync kludge rather than simply pulling the static elements of the reference from ‘A’ and doing the noting in ‘B’.

The question is not asked in a confrontational sense. Instead, I’m pointing to a path of enlightened self-interest. Noting things you need in B using A is understandable in terms of habit but may work against your self-interest. (I say this from lessons learned from past sub-optimal choices).

You have a good point. An alternative route would be simply to use the Bookends CiteKey, url, etc… and never have a reference note within Tinderbox at all.

Do you have some perspective on what route might be most beneficial?