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Bookends Floating Citations

Bookends 13.1.2 introduces a “Floating Citations” feature. Release notes here. See the User Guide for 13.1.2 for more information.


Lovely. Just updated Bookends and saw this in the release notes, so thanks for the description. Can I use your screen-grab when I write this up for aTbRef?

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In the interim, the invocation of Floating Citations is a double-tap of the hot key in the ‘other’ app, e.g. Tinderbox. The invoking app’s icon & name are shown at left (see grab above), IOW, if invoked from Word you’d see the MS Word logo, etc. Bookends v13.1.2 must be open for its Floating Citations to be called.

As notes, the default call is shift-shift and this can be changed in the ‘Scan & Bib’ section of Bookends prefs to a double-tap of any of: Shift (default), Control, Command, Option or caps Lock key. Whichever chosen, the shortcut is the same key pressed twice in rapid succession. Easily remembered, once you’ve tried it.

Another nice bit of inter-app polish by Jon at Sonnysoftware (Bookends), no doubt with co-operation of some other apps’ devs too.

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Ah, though I suspect those aspects can get resolved in forthcoming BE/TB releases, now the new dialog is in place as a vector.

I’m not sure what you mean by pasting the content of Notes. Floating Citations is primarily a tool for handling citations (no surprise). Having said that, you can paste in any reference content by making a format to suit your needs (if you want Notes, the use n in the format order field). Then in the floating citation window you can tell Bookends to use that format for Copy Citation. Or you can tell Bookends to use it for formatted citations. Either way, you’ll get the notes pasted into TB.

As for the links to Bookends – hold down the Option and Command keys and drag the reference into TB. The hypertext link back to Bookends will be inserted.

Sonny Software

P.S. I’m happy to comment on TB-related issues here. But if something comes up of a more general nature please post on the Bookends forum so all our users can chime in if they want.