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BoxPress - blog export example

BoxPress is a versatile hypermedia export system for Tinderbox users. Its huge collection of macros, stamps, templates, and content-specific prototypes give writers and thinkers painterly dominion over page frame, style, structure, and granularity.

BoxPress uses “dynamic templates” that let you alter the page frame amenities and granularity right from the Key Attributes table. The “frame amenities” are the familiar elements that frame your webpage—the navbar, banner, sidebar, and footer. To suppress any (or all) of these, just (1) run the Keys • Tech stamp to access the $blogFrameOpt popup, and then (2) pick your desired frame option:

  • Frame options include NONAVBAR, NOBANNER, NOSIDEBAR, and NOFOOTER.
  • To relocate the sidebar to the left-hand side, use SIDEBARLEFT.
  • To suppress all Frame Amenities, use NOFRAME.

[This forum will not allow me to paste more than two links. To get the links below to work, delete one of the colons after “http”.] admin note (by @mwra) : Sorry about that limit (anti-spam measure for new posters). I’ve fixed these URLs for you :slight_smile:

FRAME OPTIONS: http://mapself.com/index/Pages/BoxPressLearningCenter/BoxPressReference/Exportoptions/FrameoptionsblogFrameOpt.html

BoxPress employs default granularity contexts, harnessing the principle of anticipation to harmonize your writing effort with the structure of your final product. Write inside Blog PAGES to append children as SmartButtons and export them as their own pages. Write inside Blog POSTS to concatenate children seamlessly—at all outline depths—into a single page. To override these defaults, just (1) run the Keys • Basic stamp to access the $blogExpOpt popup, and then (2) pick your desired export option.

  • Granularity options include COMPILE, BLOCKS, COLUMNS, TABLE, and NOCOMPILE. These let you append children as seamless subsections, bounded rubrics, auto-balanced columns, table rows, or SmartButtons.

GRANULARITY OPTIONS: http://mapself.com/index/Pages/BoxPressLearningCenter/BoxPressReference/Exportoptions/ExportoptionsblogExpOpt.html#id_indexPagesBoxPressLearningCenterBoxPressReferenceExportoptionsExportoptionsblogExpOptGranularityoptionshtml


Templates adjust automatically according to whether the note is a person_note, event_note, book_note, article_note, and so on. For example, article_notes prepend their export with citation information in APA format, and book_notes prepend author and year. These will export differently depending on the granularity you choose. That is, each can export as a webpage, subsection, SmartPanel, Well, or SmartButton.

SAMPLES: http://mapself.com/index/Pages/BoxPressLearningCenter/PAGEExportSamples.html#id_indexPagesBoxPressLearningCenterPAGEExportSamplesExplorePrototypeexportschtml

Best of all, BoxPress lets you export your Map Views as fully functional HTML imagemaps! This feature has been available since version 1.5.


IMAGEMAP TUTORIALS: http://mapself.com/index/Pages/BoxPressLearningCenter/BoxPressTutorials.html

IMAGEMAP HOW-TO VIDEO: http://mapself.com/index/Pages/BoxPressLearningCenter/BoxPressVideos/MakeanHTMLImagemap.html

By default, BoxPress exports as a canonical blog. But with a few clicks (i.e., picking one or more frame options from the $blogFrameOpt popup for normal_note) you can also export in other formats—as an academic essay factory, a TinderPoint Presentation, a Research Browser, and so on.

USE CASE COOKBOOK: http://mapself.com/index/Pages/BoxPressLearningCenter/DIYFivesampleusecases.html

The goal of BoxPress is to create an export system as powerful and versatile as Tinderbox. If you have any requests or suggestions, let me know.


@CSH wonderful work!!! A couple of questions / comments —

Is BoxPress for Tinderbox 7 – or Tinderbox 6. Not sure from the release notes. It doesn’t make a difference on the magnitude of v5 vs v6, for sure.

There is a lot to read in order to grasp what BoxPress is and what it does. I’ve been writing detailed export and action code in Tinderbox for a long time, but would still need to spend a lot of time understanding the document – if nothing else, just to make sure I don’t break anything. That’s great, but for first timers, maybe a simple a-b-c ReadMe document would be helpful. My apologies if it is in the BoxPress file or somewhere else – I didn’t find it staring me in the face :frowning:

Done: Thanks! @mwra Should the BoxPress dialog be moved to it’s own thread in the Exporting from Tinderbox category? The topic is not really “starter templates”, and with all of Scott’s work now on display here his topic probably deserves its own thread.

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@PaulWalters - in short, Yes! Bit busy right now but guess I should split this off before we get thread drift.

What an amazing resource, both the explicit tools and a lot of the along-the-way guidance you provide as well. Thanks!

Dear Paul Walters:

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